Geek Jewelry

Lately, all my nerdy interests are popping up all over the place. I feel like letting my geek flag fly, despite being repeatedly told that I need to try to be cool, not nerdy. (Sorry, I'm a nerd without irony.) The below is mostly science and computer related, since I know all nerds are not the same (Yes, Bones. I'm talking to you. Ren Faires do not take place at Comic Con!). Any random bits just appealed to a nerdy part of me. Enjoy!
Top: winking emoticon necklace, Sweet Tooth Designs $38
Grrr! Arg! necklaces, Finest Imaginary on Etsy $15
microscope earrings, Fractal Spin $26
Tetris earrings set, Reddhynes on Etsy $12
Bottom: librarian pin, Fred Flare $10
rubix cube earrings, Girl Props $4.99
sterling silver chocolate molecule necklace, Molecular Muse on Etsy $85
silver binary love pendant, Melissa J Lee on Etsy $49.50
Top: orange capacitor necklace, digiBling on Etsy $18
copper circuit board bracelet, Upcylced Jewelry on Etsy $35
Bottom: radiolaria necklace, Nervous System on Etsy $75
Pac Man bracelet, Lucky Under Ladders on Etsy $18
nerd glasses, Trashed Clothing on Etsy $16

And yes, I'm ending this post with another nerdy song.


MissBliss said…
These pieces of jewelry are the coolest things I've ever seen.

I need the tetris earrings!
I need the chocolate molecule necklace!

I am sure my sister wants the rubik's cube piece.

Wow! so cool!

I don't know what a "radiolatra" sp? is, but the necklace is gorgeous!

the older I get the more I love science and technology!!!

Of course, jewelry, shoes, chocolate, and coffee always...

Have a blissful day!
MissBliss said…
radiolaria necklace, I meant!

also, the pacman ghose bracelet... so cute!

I am going to put your link here on my blog!
Jael Paris said…
From what I read radiolaria are some form of amoeba fossil. I love biology and paleontology, so they very pretty necklace made me very happy.
Anonymous said…
This has to be my very favorite post ever.

My WANT! list:
Grr... Arg...
Tetris Earrings
Chocolate molecule
Circuit Board bracelet (even though I don't wear bracelets...)
Radiolaria necklace
Pac Man Ghosts!

And then the perfect ending to the perfect post.
Rachel said…
Ack! I love that song!!! Portal is amazing.

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