This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

-- Black and silver were the biggest trends on Grammy's red carpet. Meanwhile, some of the dresses left us confused or bored. Our "rate the red carpet" poll is still open!

-- This week, Valentine's Day is dark. I've rounded up some not-so-sugary lingerie options. becca is all in favor of black on the big day, and I put together a stay-away look for one of our readers.

-- How much will you spend for a Valentine's Day outfit?

-- Our Etsy shop of the week features cute glass pendants.

-- Sweater dresses are the perfect item to add to your winter wardrobe, and they're on clearance!

-- We're in love with 1930's inspiration.


Anonymous said…
Confused or bored... unfortunately, it happens every year. But some were quite tasteful and beautiful.

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