Shoe of the Week: Two Lips Miami

This shoe of the week is brought to you by my mom. She sent me a link to these shoes. Not too long ago I feel in love with the Two Lips Martini shoe, an adorably perfect Mary Jane, while shopping with my mom. Sadly, Two Lips does manufacture my size so I was only able to blog about the shoe rather than buy it. Even though I can't buy these either, Mom knew I would appreciate the summer version of the shoe that got away.

I love these sling back, peep-toe, Mary Janes in black and white with silver, but they also look rather nice in tan and natural with gold. I'm not sure about the fuchsia and turquoise with silver, but there are people and outfits that could probably make it work. The Two Lips Miami costs $83 on Zappos, but don't despair the price will dip much lower at brick and mortar stores soon and online at the end of the season.

Pssst....Hi Mom!


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