Save or Splurge: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and, depending on how you celebrate, you're going to need some pink and red, a little lace, or a lot of black and chocolate (not the color, the candy).

So do you splurge on that great red dress to wear over the new lacy lingerie so you will look at feel sexy for a big night on the town? Do you take a budget approach and dress up something inexpensive or that you already own to make for a sweet evening with your sweetie? Or do you spend your money on some chocolate and ice cream to eat while you assemble your anti-Valentine's all-black ensemble?

I'm in the last category. As much as I love dresses, Valentine's Day usually gives me the urge to eat sweets rather than buy a sweet new outfit. However, if I were to participate in V-day I would probably be in the middle category of saving on something more affordable to mix with something I already own.

So, is it Splurge, Save or Chocolate for you?

(P.S. I used this fun Candy Heart Generator to make the image.)


Jael Paris said…
I don't like going out for Valentine's Day. The prices shoot up and it's crowded. With that in mind, I wear something I have. Besides, my birthday is less than a month away. Money should go there!
Rachel said…
We're spending Valentine's day with a bunch of smelly teenagers... it's sooo romantic...
becca said…
Rachel, that's hilarious.

I'm actually going to a "Single Ladies Only" party where I believe the attire is pajama based and there will be some sort of junk food potluck. Sounds like a good day to me.

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