Save or Splurge: Betsey Johnson Jewelry

When I worked at a department store for Christmas a while back, one of my responsibilities was to unpackage, display and sell the Betsey Johnson jewelry. Of course, I dealt with other jewelry, but the Betsey Johnson pieces were my favorites. Because of that, I sold a lot of it. And I also stalked stalked the clearance racks where I scored a really fun gold and black necklace with bows for only $9.

While I love $9 deals, I may splurge someday Betsey's super fun pieces. Unlike the cute jewelry I buy at Forever 21, this stuff won't break the second time I wear it. Also, it is designed better and won't look tragically trendy next year. These are the kind of statement pieces that last.

I will probably avoid the super pricey items, but I do think some of the moderately prices necklaces are worth the splurge. Even if it is costume jewelry.

What do you think? Would you splurge on Betsey's over-the-top fashion jewelry?

Pictured: Rose & Bird Beaded Necklace $150


Unknown said…
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