Love or Loathe: Ruffle Bootie

Chances are, if you're reading Fashion Me Fabulous, you're just as much of a ruffle nut as becca and me. When we discussed elfin booties, you were overwhelmingly positive. Two strong things going for them, and I still don't think these ruffle booties from Steven by Steve Madden are working for me. It is a good idea with poor execution or are you clicking over to Victoria's Secret right now to buy a pair?


becca said…
If they lace up the front I would be drooling. But the open front looks a little odd and like a recipe for stepping out of them while walking.
Jackie said…
I actually kind of like it. I don't think the elfin cut is appropriate but if they closed it completely, I don't think it would work.
Jael Paris said…
becca, laces are exactly what they are mising! Wide ribbon laces.
Unknown said…
loathe. especially for $179.
Jael Paris said…
$179?! I was so focused on the design, I completely missed the crazy price.
Linda Lu said…
wow. that's one amazing pair of shoes.
I would totally buy these in a heartbeat... well maybe not a heartbeat. It all depends on the price.

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