The Horror: Pettipant

Even if I'm really stretching for post material, I don't go running off to a teen subculture store just to mock them. I remembered liking the lingerie at Hot Topic years ago (much to the horror of the employees), and wondered if they had anything cute for Valentine's Day...Not so much. Certainly the worst thing they're peddling is the red, ruffle pettipant. Petticoats give your skirts volume. Ruffled panties are a sugary sweet form of lingerie. But a pettipant? Because I either want to add heft to my thighs and hips or I desire some sort of extreme full-coverage panty. Does anyone else think the pettipant should apologize to ruffles for sullying their good name?


Kasmira said…
I'm sorry to say...I like the pettipant!

Maybe paired with a sheer, red babydoll?

Definitely not for wear outside of the bedroom.
Jael Paris said…
All I can think of is teenagers who are doing a poor job of a Lolita look and who don't know what a Lolita is to begin with.
Anonymous said…
In a different colour and I would be all over there....

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