High-Waisted, Wide-Leg Pants

It's cold outside! Too cold for skirts, and I'm tired of wearing jeans just to stay warm. I'd love a pair of Katharine Hepburn-esque pants to keep me warm and chic. A high-waist will prevent the winter chill from reaching my belly, and the swirling fabric of the wide legs allows room for all manner of boots. Perfect for the curvy girl or the slim-hipped.
grey pinstripe sailor pants, Wendy Katlyn, Goldyn $127
speckled grey pleat legs, Spiegel $49
black button detail pant, Fluxus, Boutique to You $112
ivory pleat pants, Newport News $59
navy knit with bow belt, Twelve by Twelve $29


Rachel said…
They look so graceful! I tried some on at Express from the clearance rack but they didn't fit :(

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