Deadly Vintage

Where: Deadly Vintage

What: Clothing, outerwear, lingerie, and accessories

When: 1950s-80s, but none of the pieces scream "I'm from a vintage shop."

How Much: Prices vary widely by item. In one department, items could fall between $25 or $200. Fear not bargain hunters, there's a section of clothing under $40.

Favorite Items: black shirt dress 1950s $66
candy stripe halter 1960s $28
pink linen minidress 1960s $29
black drape dress 1980s $129
hot pink top 1960s $62 (pictured)
purple and teal plaid coat 1950s $68


tractordog said…
ooo the plaid coat is way fun
becca said…
Kelsey, I agree. That coat is fun!
tractordog said…
I have a similar 50s shirt dress for less! heheh
sorry, had to switch to my promo persona. ;)

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