$150 Challenge: Valentine's Lunch Date

If your Valentine's Day plans are more low key like a lunch date or a trip to an ice cream palor, this cute outfit will do just the trick. At only $122.18, this laid back dress (bonus: you can wear it to work) paired with ladylike accessories makes for a dressed up date look that isn't too dressed up.
$150 Challenge: Valentine's Lunch Date
$150 Challenge: Valentine's Lunch Date - by Fashion Me Fabulous on Polyvore.com

Pictured: (Clockwise from top right)
Royalty Cardigan, Forever 21, $22.80
Pearl Earrings, Target, $8.99
Beaded Bracelet Set, Forever 21, $3.80
Oxford Pumps, Target, $29.99
Bow Front Shoulder Bag, Forever 21, $16.80
Belted Dress, Twelve by Twelve, Forever 21, $39
Sheer Floral Tights, Forever 21, $7.80


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