$150 Challegne: Waiting for Spring

I keep getting little glimpses of spring weather only to be turned back to bundling up and living with the cold by the next day. There are pretty skirts and dresses that want to be worn. They are calling to me from my closet. I'm waiting for spring. In fact, I feel like piling on the floral prints to suggest it come. Of course, I can't forget to wear boots because with spring comes the thaw and the mud. This look from Forever 21 calls for spring but remembers the reality of winter. It cost $144.60.
$150 Challenge: Waiting For Spring
$150 Challenge: Waiting For Spring - by Fashion Me Fabulous on Polyvore.com

Pictured: (Clockwise from top left)
Open Front Knit Jacket, $29.80
Floral Chiffon Dress, $22.80
Floral Bead Necklace, $4.80
Julie Skinny Jean, $19.80
Rose Antique Ring, $6.80
Yoko Lace Up Boots, $37.80
Kalida Shoulder Bag, $22.80


tractordog said…
Those black boots are a STAPLE! I live in them, not the exact ones, but LOVE that style.
Cherie said…
They look like Docs, but they aren't Docs are much more expensive though. I think they're worthevery penny, I've have my Docs for years and they're going to last for years more I'm sure. I like the jacket too. It looks comfy.

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