Yuck Face

The other day I decided to wear as much purple and hot pink as my wardrobe would allow. The end result was similar to this.

I thought this was the perfect outfit for buying paint, but a young woman at Lowe's actually recoiled in horror and make a yuck face at me. Personally, I thought I was a hilarious reaction. What about clothing could really prompt her to respond as if she'd just come across festering road kill?

But I am not innocent in the realm of fashion reaction. The clerk ringing up my paint was wearing enough bronzer to give her an orange mask. I didn't say anything because I'm sure she knows what she looks like, but I did have the Oompa Loompa song running through my head the entire time.

If you see someone dressed oddly, do you respond or keep your thoughts to yourself?


Anonymous said…
I don't say much. I'm prone to whimsical bouts of fashion madness myself and wouldn't want to judge another.

Maybe the bronze lady has bad lighting in her bathroom. Have you ever gone out thinking you look great, only to be horrified at the odd colored mask you appear to be wearing later? That's yuck face!
Heads Twogether said…
That's pretty hilarious. The fact that you were both thinking the other was the ridiculous one. I would keep my mouth shut and face blank, just as you did.
Cuban B said…
I don't say anything... nor do I administer the Yuck Face very easily... but, had I seen you I likely would have been singing the theme from "Jem" to myself for the rest of the day. ;o)
tractordog said…
AHHaha...yeah I wouldn't have said anything. Maybe a double take...thats it. Gemaffair, well said!
tractordog said…
***I'm a fan of this outfit...it IS perfect for the paint store!
Anonymous said…
I've never been given the "yuck face," but my boss, and the other mom-aged manager sometimes give me odd looks. Especially when I wear yellow tights.
Anonymous said…
Her 'yuk face' likely had nothing to do with the colors you were wearing...but that you were wearing heels, and a dress...in Lowe's...it is a home improvement store, after all.

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