Spring 2009 Couture

I love haute couture. It's breathtaking design and craftsmanship. During fashionably conservative times, it dares to make you giggle and gasp. Best of all, it demands that only the boldest of women can dare to wear it.

Since couture doesn't really dictate trends, and unless you have several thousand dollars laying around and a posh event to attend, it's not anything more for us than pretty, pretty pictures. Here are the looks I loved so far.

John Galliano's inspiration for the Christian Dior show was Flemish painters, and I can see it strongly in the hats and jackets. Love the volume in the skirts and structure in the tops.
The floral painting on the gowns is gorgeous, especially when it pops up as a peek-a-boo lining.
Givenchy's show was also inspired by paintings, turn of the century this time. This is most clear in the mutton sleeves. The pastel palette isn't my thing, but I really like the gowns.
Sharp shoulders, sleek skirts and floral prints at Armani Prive made me dream of Shanghi 1935. Considering I just painted my living room a dark red lacquer and covered the walls with scrolls and pictures from China, I can hands-down call this my favorite show so far.
Expect more couture tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
I LOVE it! Esspecially the dresses at the top, the yellow one is my absolute favorite. I'm glad the hats are coming in, I think adding a hat to an outfit makes it so chic. I think 50's style seriously needs to make a comeback!
Anonymous said…
Shame on you. My keyboard got drooled on.

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