Sheer Night Gowns As Outerwear

I was reading Style Bubble and found myself dwelling on one of Susie's images. Her focus with this DIY look was the neon/sheer layering; mine was the nightgown feel of her dress. Vintage nightgowns are usually less than $5 in my area, and most have built in sheer or lace panels. I can't help imagining layering them with metallic leggings and a sequin top. I think it would be sexy and funky with a vintage twist. Of course, other people could just think I'm running around in my sleepwear. What do you think of the idea?
Wearing a Vintage Night Gown as a Dress


becca said…
I love it. I will now be on the hunt for awesome vintage nightgowns. Plus, if modesty is a concern most vintage nightgowns offer a lot more coverage than modern dresses.

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