Save or Splurge: Gift Card Purchases

Many of you probably received gifts cards (or at least store credit from returns) for Christmas. I love getting gift cards. Not only do I get something I really like or that really fits, I also get the gift of shopping, which I love to do.

Now, the only question is how to spend those cards full of cash? Do you spend it all on a big splurge item? After all, the money was a gift so why not splurge a little. A gift card can be a great chance to spend a little more than you usually would on that fun item.

But the economy is tough so stretching the gift card as far as it can go may a good idea. That way, you get a bunch of new stuff and maybe even multiple shopping trips. Clearance is great this time of year so you may be able to bag a bunch of deals for the price of one big splurge.

Do you save or splurge with your gift card purchases?


tractordog said…
My sis just got a TON of gift cards for Target for her bridal shower...and she bought a BIG screen TV...she definitely splurged!
Rachel said…
I think if there's a specific item that you really want that costs a lot and you wouldn't normally buy that'd be a perfect gift card purchase. But stretching the money and getting several things would be good too :)

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