Pairing Knee Socks and Shoes

One of our readers, Rachel, asked us what kind of shoes she should buy to showcase her love for knee socks. Part of me would say that every shoe has it's knee sock mate, but there are certain styles best suited to wearing knee socks.

FMF Top 3 Knee-sock Shoes:

Number 3: Classic Pumps
Basic pumps, in any color can go with pretty much anything. This simple, streamlined shoe won't interfere with knee sock patters and look good with skirts, which means the outfit will be perfect for showing off one's socks. Jael Paris disagrees, saying pumps fall off when wearing knee socks. Some pumps do have a slippery edge, but I'd argue that other pumps will work. Wearing thicker knee socks instead on thin slippery ones is also a good idea with pumps.
GUESS Women's Drifter Pump, Endless, $69.90
Diamond Pattern Socks, Forever 21, $3.80

Number 2: Ballet Flats
Ballet Flats are comfy, basic and, like pumps, won't interfere with any patterns on the knee socks. For a really crazy socks, this minimal shoe will allow the socks to make a statement. Yet, simple socks with simple flats will look classic and sophisticated.
BP. 'Edie' Ballet Flat, Nordstrom, $49.95
Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks, Sock Dreams, $12

Number 1: Mary Janes
I think these are the perfect shoes for knees socks. Mary Janes are cute, simple, slightly whimsical, and even at their most sophisticated, they have an air of childhood about them. Knee socks frequently have the same feeling, which is why I think they pair so well. For a shoe to go with all every sock, a neutral Mary Jane is probably the best bet. Plus, they're good to have around in general.
Naturalizer Daybreak Mary Jane, Endless, $78.95
Cable Over-the-Knee Socks, Free People, $28

Stay tuned to see bold and zany picks for knee-sock shoes soon.


Katie said…
what a great idea for a post!
i'm currently in the middle of summer, so this is going straight to my winter inspiration folder.
Rachel said…
Thanks for answering my question! Those Mary Janes would be PERFECT...
Rachel said…
What do you think of these?
Jael Paris said…
Those are good everyday shoes, Rachel. I prefer the black to the brown.

Shall I go Mary Jane hunting for you?
becca said…
Rachel, I like those Mary Janes. They look super cute and comfy for everyday.
Kasmira said…
Hmmmmm....I don't think I could pull this off.

Kneesocks peeking over the tops of boots are okay, but I'll leave the kneesocks/dress shoes combo to the younger ladies!
Rachel said…
Grrr... I went to order them and they don't have my size in black >:(
Sondra said…
Dansko has a line called Dansko Dress shoes, they have tons of cute Mary Janes!

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