Love or Loathe: Formal Suit

We talked about tuxedos for New Year's Eve, but not every jacket pant's combo is party material. The lack of luster and conservative cut of Katherine Heigl's suit don't scream "People Choice Award winner!". Instead, I find myself wondering which Law & Order she'll be guest starring on. Do you think her look was appropriate for the event? What do you think of formal suits?


I think formal suits is a good thing, if you don't want to wear a dress, they fit the evening very well.
tractordog said…
I see the purpose...but I'm not a big fan. I liked it when...Celine? ...wore her suit backwards on the red carpet! Maybe she read your blog... ;)
contentablue said…
I think she looks lovely and that it's perfectly fine for the occasion.
mimi said…
I think It's cool.
Not that you should wear one if you don't want to, but if you do I think it looks awesome...

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