The Horror: Kitty Doggy

becca and I both attended private school and are convinced they only hire one type of woman to teach Kindergarten through second grade. She's over 35 but under 50. Her adult conversations center around sewing, stamping, and scrapbooking. She went to an Avon party once but found it all a bit too much. Her frequent uniform is a denim jumper embroidered with little animals coming out of the pocket and a matching turtleneck. The same person who designs Kindergarten couture must have also made these leather slippers embroidered with a childish drawing of a cat and dog. No private school teacher I had, however, could afford $150 shoes. (And you know that the same people who wear Crocs would wear these slippers in public.)


Anh said…
I think you guys are right. They would wear those in public!

Crocs might be more appropriate for the beaches, why do people wear them everywhere!?
Jael Paris said…
I throw snowballs at your spam, anne nicole!
Anonymous said…
actually, one of the most stylish woman i know really likes to wear campers (i suppose they are campers?), and she looks fabulous in them.
i find some of your cheap-looking sparkly pseudo-festive looks way more horrible than a pair of semnsible, yet cute, high-quality shoes. sorry.

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