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The Golden Globes may feature fabulous, sloshed speeches but the fashion lacks. Pretty is not that hard to achieve in a softly draped, greecian style gown, but we never remember them. One starlet fades into another, and the red carpet is a hazy pastel memory in just a few weeks. We are proposing the nominees shake it up a bit. We know what they usually wear, but here are some looks that will stand out while still being true to their style.

Angelina Jolie is gorgeous, but she usually ends up on the bested dressed list on the merit of her figure rather than her fashion choices. Her gowns are simple, but simple doesn't have to lack style. becca thinks this zipper edged dress by Versace is perfect, but I'm loving this embellished one sleeve gown by Monique Lhuillier, which would be a standout.
Anne Hathaway's fashion sense can be hit and miss. She's frequently put her gorgeous body in dowdy dresses. But whoever is styling her post-breakup has done a fabulous job of transforming her from a Disney princess to a stunning actress. They would do well to put her in this classic black gown from RM by Roland Mouret. It's sexy without being too sexy and classy with out being too matronly. Of all the nominees, Hathaway is the one we'd like to see play with the feather trend, and this dress would allow a feather hair piece without looking over-the-top. Put a diamond brooch on the hip, grab a killer clutch and heels, and she'll be front page news.

America Ferrera does an excellent job of looking red carpet glamorous. Her dresses almost always include corseting covered in sweeping swaths of chiffon. If I had to guess what she'll be wearing Sunday, I'd say she'll pick this full skirted dress by Eli Saab. But I'd like to see her shift from goddess to sexpot with this flashy mini and corset belt from Dolce & Gabanna's SS07 show.
Debra Messing favors draping and empire waists. Generally, this is a good look for her. If choosing her typical attire, she should show up in something like this empire corsage gown by Roksanda Ilincic. That color would not do her any favors, but she'd wear it anyway. For something unexpected, I'd love her to show up in this pleated jumpsuit by Basso & Brooke. The color is flattering, the cut is sexy, and the overall style is fashion forward.

Tina Fey keeps things simple in neutral colors and flattering cuts. I'd like to see her spice things up while still being who she is. Take off the bow and this black and white Armani is eye-catching chic. For a splash of color, she should look to Jonathan Saunder's SS09 collection. This dress is the navy Fey loves with bold chartreuse accents. (P.S. I hope she wins!)


The red Monique Lhuillier makes me think of Tilda Swinton.

I looove the Jonathan Saunders dress. He's every kind of excellent.
I can see Jolie in ANY of those sleek, gorgeous dresses except that puffy lacy one by Elie Saab?. .. only because I have never seen Jolie in something like that

I love that white stripped column dress... wowee
Where on internet could I find that extraordinary D&G dress?
Jael Paris said…
Since that dress is from a few seasons ago, your best bet is ebay. If you'd just like something in that style, try soliciting a seamstress on Etsy. I recommend ren faires for a similar belt.

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