Boots For Me

I have two pairs of brown high heeled boots and two pairs of black flat boots. How is it that I don't have a pair of black heeled boots? My motorcycle/riding boot cross hits me at an odd place, so I don't wear them with anything but pants. The elfin boots aren't leather, so they're not very warm. My boot requirements are:
-- leather
-- knee high
-- thick heel under 4"
-- some sort of button, buckle, bow or other embellishment
-- under $400 so I can hunt them till they're under $200
-- navy is also acceptable

suede button boot, Naughty Monkey "Shirley T", Kitson $145
black boot with grey buckles, N.Y.L.A. "Flynn", Endless $165.71
pleat boot, Miz Mooz "Angelique", Endless $204.95
lace up buckle boot, Bronx "Gabi", Endless $234.95
button wedge, Miz Mooz "Jessy", Nordstrom $239.95
3 buckle boot, Guess "Martini", Endless $191.21
ribbon lace boot, Corso Como "Cable", Endless $225.90

If you'd like us to do some shopping for you, email us the specifics or drop us a line on Facebook.


Rachel said…
I like the button wedge ("Jessy") and the ribbon lace boot ("Cable") the best.

I love boots...
Anonymous said…
I favor the suede button boot by Naughty Monkey, followed by the Miz Mooz "Angelique". Both are very chic and would look pretty with leggings or skirts and dresses.
becca said…
I like and want them all. But I need colorful boots. I have black boots.
Shoelover said…
Fantastic Boots i love black boots!

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