Wearable Winter White

I have a weakness for white boots. It's like craving Doritos when you should be eating salad. You want it even though it will bring a few moments' pleasure and long bouts of misery. There is no way such a delicate creation could survive in Indiana's puddled parking lots and slushy streets. Alas, the weather holds me back from building the ultimate Ice Queen ensemble. Sweeping in for the rescue is the "Sabrina" by oh...DEER! This sleek taupe boot is a waterproof patent so you wouldn't end up with dirty grey toes or scuzzy water marks. Plus, the heel is thick enough for them to be feasible on the ice. They are $329.95 on Endless and also available in black.


I like winter boots, but not super bright white boots. Makes me think of go go girls...
Jael Paris said…
The go-go girl factor is part of why I like them. White boots, trapeze dress and fake lashes sounds like fun.
Anonymous said…
Oh those are fabulous! I've never craved white boots, but I think I want those.

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