Vintage Picks: Lace

Lace is one of the biggest trends for fall. Since this isn't lace's first time in the limelight, I've rounded up some great vintage lace items. Some of these would be perfect holiday party dresses.Top: classic party dress 50s, Blythe Hopes Vintage on Etsy $175
black 50s full skirt dress with copper lace, Ballyhoo Vintage $125
black and nude lace gown with bead sleeves 1950s, Sydneys Vintage $224.25
black and silver Asian dress 1960s, Future Vintage on Etsy $42
Bottom: black sheer gown, Sydneys Vintage $77.99 (want!)
white 50s prom dress with red sash, Sydneys Vintage $235
pale green 50s wiggle dress, Sydneys Vintage $77.99
coral lace sleeve dress, Thrush on Etsy $45
Top: white lace sleeve mod mini dress, Maiden Rapture Vintage on Etsy $22
coco 60s coat, Stephanie Bracciano on Etsy $45
white and aqua pleat mini 60s, Bliss Vintage on Etsy $60
white layered babydoll, Design Archives on Etsy $89
Bottom: red mini dress 1960s, Grey Gardens Vintage on Etsy $38
reconstructed white and black turtleneck dress, VJones1 on Etsy $50 (want!!)
orange and black lace mini, Jazz Boogie on Etsy $48.50

black lace pantsuit, Retrowear on Etsy $44.99
white and copper pencil skirt, Shop Good Grace on Etsy $42
long black skirt 1980s, Empress Jade on Etsy $34.99


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