Save or Splurge: Winter Scarves

It's very very cold outside here in Chicagoland, which means a very warm scarf is needed when braving the blizzards. I love scarves. I have several cute and cozy scarves, none of which cost very much. Scarves can be found at very good prices, even in nice materials. They are also easy to buy at the end of the season on clearance.

I do, however, have one really nice scarf that I'm sure cost quite a bit more than I would pay. It was a gift. After owning this scarf, which is extremely cute and warm, I might consider paying a little more if I ever have to replace it.

Even though scarves are usually a save for me, I guess there are a few scarves out there worth a little more.

Do you save or splurge for scarves?

Calypso the Scarf, FashionTouch, Etsy, $30


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