Ruffled Party Dresses

We at Fashion Me Fabulous are crazy for ruffles. I've written about ruffle clothes and shoes, much to your delight. Given their popularity, it's no big surprise that ruffles would be popping up every where on holiday dresses as well.Trendy New Year's Eve party dressesTop: blue silk tiered strapless, Express $128
pink punch one-shoulder ruffle dress, Arden B. $148 (FMF pick)
indigo ruffle sleeve dress, Target $19.99
mustard ruffle front trapeze dress, Couture Candy $240
Bottom: black lace dress, Betsey Johnson, Bluefly $129.99
apple green tiered dress, Juicy Couture, Shopbop $378
red ruffle hem, Twelve by Twelve $39
blue ruffle back dress, Urban Outfitters $78


ninaribena said…
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Love to know what you think! Cheers,

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