Love or Loathe: A Major Boot

I featured this boot in the colorful bootie a couple weeks ago, but it deserved it's own post. The orange boot is a little too much. The black version is a serious boot and could be awesome with the right statement pieces. (Maybe I'll put such a look together.) I think I'd like it more if the heel wasn't covered in the same patent. As it is, I think the "Dani" wedge boot by 80%20% is made for a special woman. What do you think?


Shorty said…
Maybe the black would look great with a Santa outfit, or the orange could go with some sort of street cleaner uniform. Sorry...not a fan! But, thanks for keeping me entertained with what's out there!
Anonymous said…
I'm actually kind of torn. I wouldn't buy them myself, but maybe I'd be okay with a friend wearing them. If she did it really well.

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