Love or Loathe: Exposed Bra

Tyra Banks has been wearing vintage dresses this season on her talk show, and she frequently pairs the plunging neckline with a basic full coverage black bra. I'm not sure how I feel about the look. If it were a black bra with a white tee or tank, it would firmly fall on the loathe side. (Ironic dressing doesn't work in the midwest. ) If it were a fancy bra with an evening look -- like in her look on the left, I think I'd like it. That, at least, is a viable option for the well-endowed. As it is (and sorry I couldn't find an exact picture to illustrate the point), the plain bra with a day dress makes me think she forgot her cami.

What do you think of wearing an outfit with your bra intentionally exposed?


ingermaaike said…
As long as it is a pretty bra, no problemo!
becca said…
I think some serious planning has to go into the look. You have to look like you meant for everyone to see your bra. Otherwise you'll just have other women whispering in your ear saying your bra is showing.
Rachel said…
I think it's trashy. Save it for your husband.
Jael Paris said…
Rachel, I knew you would say that. Almost word for word.
mimi said…
that would be a definite nooo for me.
I think its slutty.
Anonymous said…
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