The Horror: Skirted Sweater

Zoom in on this skirted sweater by Manoush. The diamond pleating and textured edges on the silk skirt are beautiful details. Just don't zoom out. Not only does the ketchup and mustard color scheme not match a grey henley, but the item as a whole would create unflattering division on any body. Furthermore, why would I want to make my upper torso warm and cuddly in merino wool and leave my poor belly virtually exposed to the winter chill in silk? Belly may be demanding large amounts of eggnog, but it doesn't need to be punished by freezing. Yet, this sweater has sold out in two sizes on Net-a-Porter.


Rachel said…
Bizarre... and I can't believe the price. If for some reason you wanted this look (???) you could just hike up a mini skirt over a cardigan...

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