The Horror: Kiss Kiss

If I were 14, I would still hate this Fontanelli purse. It has a vague heart shape which reminds me of those bustier bags. (Teenage me loved the bustier bags, but I also loved upsetting the authority figures at my private school.) If it weren't for the bright kisses, it could be workable. Unless you're a teen obsessed with 80s kitsch, I figure you'll pass. If you are a teen who just discovered this cool new band named Blondie, ask Mom for $249.


Armor Jacket said…

First of all the shape of this hand bag is not a bad.Secondly there are so many girls are avoid this bag because this bag have not a better design. But mostly girls are likes because this is new fashion for them.
Kevlar Gloves said…

The shape of this bag is good and there are so many people like this shape of bag.

This shape of bag is so different and there are so many people likes this shape.

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