Etsy Shop of the Week: My Black Dress

Earlier today, we posted about the utimate wardrobe essential: little black dresses for every shape, style and budget. If none of those seem like the perfect find (or if you just want more LBDs), this Etsy shop may be the Holy Grail in your Quest for the perfect dress.

My Black Dress offers custom made LBDs in several styles and prints ranging from simple and classic to bold and modern. Each dress can be ordered by size or to fit your measurements. There also some stunning jackets, coats and accessories to go with the LBDs.

The dresses, made by designer Jiminie Hayward, should not only fit any figure, but they should also fit most budgets. Obviously a custom made LBD is a bit of a splurge, but it is a worthy splurge for such a great investment piece. Many of Hayward's designs are around $100. For a custom creation, that's a great deal.

Lucy Dress, $110


Jael Paris said…
That's a brilliant idea!

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