Color Inspiration: Decor

Say you can't match colors? Creativity can't spark in a vacuum, and even professional designers have an inspiration board. If you have some home magazines laying around, rip out some pictures and tape them up by your closet. You can find inspiration in carpets, pillows, and finely designed rooms. I found that when I put my house together, my thought process regarding color was completely different from how I assemble an outfit. Though the process is different, the finished product can still be applied to my clothes.

This outfit was based entirely on the colors of the living room pictured. Orange and teal pillows, dark wood tables, and a pale yellow couch.
Chocolate brown, tan, peridot, and differing shades of blue, are actually the colors of my bathroom. When I put it together as an outfit, I realized they're peacock colors. It hadn't occurred to me when I decorated the bathroom because it was all built around a shower curtain and a picture frame.

I loved the color of this wall and the way the yellow pears pop against it. This image is something you could easily find in a magazine. In this case, I couldn't find an item I liked in that exact green-teal, so I settled on a collection of greens to give the overall impression.


Anonymous said…
I love the purse in the bottom design. And the contrast between the pear yellow and the peacock wall. Happy color thoughts!

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