Trying on Jonathan Saunders for Target GO International

Jael and I ventured to Target recently to try on the Jonathan Saunders line for Target's GO International. Here's what we thought of it.

Jael liked the look of the shirts, but said the fabric was thin, stiff and scratchy. She thought the blue ombre skirt was awesome, but wasn't sure how to work it into her wardrobe. We both liked the idea of the Han Solo pants, but the super stretchy material made then tricky to wear. As for the black knit ponte skirt she said "Love, want, need the black skirt."

As with most Go International lines, I found things to be too short. The belted dress on the left had potential but no shape. Even with the belt it was just boxy. I liked the vest and skirt but I felt like the vest flattened me a bit and I wished the skirt would have been a stiffer material. However, the Windowpane graphic tee was probably my favorite piece. The print top/dress thing was an odd length (and requires skinny jeans, which I wasn't wearing that day). Even on me it feels long for a top, but it's definately not dress length.

Lucky for you, it all just went on clearnce! (I might have to buy that t-shirt now).


Jael Paris said…
I love the Han Solo pants, but a woman with hips wouldn't be able to zip and fasten them. Aside from that, they made my butt look amazing!
Rachel said…
I went to Target today and the best sales were only 50% off, making almost everything still too expensive for the quality (...for me). Boo hoo :(

I did get knee socks and discounted purple flats though! I've never shopped so much in one week...
Shorty said…
I appreciate your pics and reviews so much! If I may just make one suggestion for future posts, tho...please remove the white socks and stand on your toes while snapping the pic. Just a little more flattering perspective, especially if you're going to post on the internet. Sorry...but I'm just vain that way! I've watched too many episodes of What Not To Wear!

Thanks again for testing the products out for us!
Anonymous said…
I tried on the polka dot too-short-to-be-a-dress yesterday and loved it. I didn't buy because I was on a mission for a real dress, but it was super cute!

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