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Jael has written about Goodwill's vintage finds before. It's a great place to snag amazing clothes at amazingly low prices. However, Goodwill isn't just about the clothes. I love the jewelry. Goodwill has no lack of great vintage costume jewelry. I buy most of my costume jewelry there for just a few dollars a piece.

On a recent visit to a Goodwill store, I learned the store didn't carry jewelry. Instead, it lists the jewelry online at (This isn't true of all Goodwill stores. Don't worry you can still see jewelry in person at many stores). allows you to browse and bid on great pieces from all over the country and the prices are still pretty good. You can even buy lots of jewelry (like the one pictured right) to get a real bang for you buck. Of course, you don't get the descriptions and quality pictures of most vintage websites, but you are more likely to find a deal on something fabulous.

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Vintage LC Enamel & Rhinestone Brooch
Mesh Choker, Glass/FW Pearls, AB Bee Pin Plus


It's true! The selection on ShopGoodwill is amazing and you have only a fraction of the people bidding that you do on eBay, for example. It's a best-kept secret. Shh... -the DCGF

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