Save or Splurge: Wearing Feathers

If you hadn't noticed, there is a bit of a feather theme this week on FMF. Feathers are showing up everywhere right now, and many of these pieces are lovely but very expensive. I'm developing a love for feathers. It's a new love though so I'm hesitant to invest much money in it.

For me, feathers are a save. Jael Paris showed us how to make inexpensive feather and shower puff headbands. Later this week, I'll show you the feather fascinators/barrettes I made.

This isn't to say a fabulous feather hat or other feather trim pieces aren't worth the money. I think they are. This versitle beret with a fun feather decoration from Baroque and Roll on Etsy is well worth the $46. However, when money is tight, feathers can be a great accessory to get on the cheap.

Are feathers a save or splurge for you?


Jael Paris said…
Feathers are a save for me. I love them, but full on feather clothes are expensive and hard to clean.
Rianna said…
I've always been a bit worried about pulling the feather look off but after the golden autumn burberry feather dress was created I'm just waiting for the high street equivelent to give it a go because it turns the shape of the dress into a feathered fantasy wonder!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxx
Rachel said…
Save. I wouldn't mind having a couple little pins or clippies to put in my hair or on my clothes.

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