Project Design: Corsets

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

This week, I discovered some stunning corsetry on Etsy. These corsets are handmade (often custom) with amazing materials and could add so much to my wardrobe too. This makes me want to put one to my Christmas list. Which one would you add to your list?

Dandy Victorian Peacock Cameo Corset by louiseblack

Green Willow Vixen Corset by damselinthisdress

Edwardian Corset by labellefairy

Rebecca corset by Espalore

Satin Victorian Edwardian Underbust Corset by finnmoxa

Leather and Brocade Steel Boned Corset by divadivine777


Jael Paris said…
Corsets?! *happy dance*
Anonymous said…
The peacock corset is staring at me and calling for me...
Anonymous said…
The corset you have given credit to divadivine777 for is made by punk69 clothing company in india. I can give you their email if you wanna verify it with them. She pretends to make them so she can sell em on etsy.

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