Love or Loathe: The Elfin Bootie

The last time I visited becca in Chicago, I saw a young woman in black booties with a deep v-cut in the center. This was the first time I've seen these elfin booties in the wild. While the design elongated her legs, it also foreshortened her feet to the point that they looked like hooves. Yes, hooves. I continue to occasionally find these trendy items in stores but often wonder if they'd be the first step of a satyr costume. What do you think of the elfin bootie cut?


Vicki said…
I think they look amazingly adorable in the picture. I think I'd have to see a foot in them to accurately judge the hoof factor, though. Maybe a dark stocking or pair of tights would eliminate this problem and swing them back over to chic?
becca said…
I think I like them. And I think they could be styled to be rather cute. However, I don't think they are a shoe I would invest in.
Anonymous said…
I love these booties and have been looking for the right pair for a while. I read your piece to my sister, who struggled to get the hooves on her satyr Renn Faire costume to work all summer while she was working there... she was intrigued.
Shorty said…
I love them! Of course I'd have to test them out and see about the hoof effect you mentioned, but I think they are super cute. I love the vintage look!
Jael Paris said…
Kylsie, I'm glad my years of experience as a professional satyr stylist have finally been useful for someone. ;-)

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