Jael Paris' Christmas Wish List

I know that Thanksgiving hasn't passed yet, but my hubby is asking me what I'd like for Christmas. (Pretend to be Canadian for a few moments; their feast day has passed.) Per usual, I've come up with a plethora so hubby can pick and choose what he'd really like to get me.

Jewelry and Accessories
I really want some macabre jewelry. Ideally, I'd like these crystal skull earrings by Tarina Tarantino, but $70 is too much for resin. These boa constrictor vertebrae earrings from Lovecraftian are equally unsettling, but a much nicer price.Catering more to the romantic part of my goth side, I'd like a black tatted necklace or cuffs from Totus Mel.

One of these pheasant fascinators would be perfect in my dark hair. I most certainly want a clip and not a headband. Headbands and I have been fighting since the 80s.

Want, want, want the black pencil skirt from the Jonathan Saunders for Target collection. Size 7, please. It's sold out in our area, so you'll have to order it online. Although with the McQueen line coming, it might be smart to get me some Target giftcards.

On the other end of the volume spectrum, I can't get the layered black bustle skirt from Fan Plus Friend out of my head. It's perfect for work, but I can completely funk it up.

My blousy shirts are too blousy with my big skirts and my tight tops are too tight on my pudgy days. A long vest would fix both of these problems.button vest, Mod Cloth $49.99
herringbone vest, Isaac Mizrahi for Target $27.99

I've also started a wish list at my favorite boutique. Honey, you'll love the way the navy jersey dress looks on me.

After using Nic Sticks, I don't want to apply nail polish any other way. (No smell!) I'd like one in black, burgundy, white, orange, and nude.

I'd still like a bottle of Armani Code. A little bottle is fine since my perfume tastes change every so often.

My ipod is broken. Sad face.

If we close on a house before Christmas, I'll forgo everything for Lowe's giftcards. Those are easier to wrap than a can of paint or roll of carpet.


Grace said…
Hey! We're friends on twitter, but I would love if you added me to your blogroll here as well. I am absolutely crazy about your site. It's one of the few I read everyday.

becca said…
Good list. I need to make mine.
Anonymous said…
this is just for looking (it's custom order so spoken for) but something about your blog and list made me think of this for your window shopping:


(Raven Pearl: 2nd row, far right thumbnail)

Found you via your following me on Twitter. Looking forward to meeting/tweeting more in the future!

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