The Horror: Purposeless

Why would I possibly need stirrup tights? Did tights with a full foot not stay in place well enough? Has it suddenly become the social kiss of death to show the toe seam with your peep toes? Are bands of foot flesh the sexy new skin? Why do these exist?!


Shorty said…
hmmm...can't say that I'm a fan either at this point. very strange....very strange indeed!
Vicki said…
There are those of us who UTTERLY DESPISE the thought of fabric touching our toes. I am one of these. I am miserable whenever I have to wear socks that aren't incredibly soft, or pantyhose. If I was wearing boots/booties or something, I would totally go for stirrup tights. FREE THE TOES!
Anonymous said…
those are just wrong!
Anonymous said…
There is actually purpose here! for one thing if you like to wear full boots, they can often destroy the toes of your tights in a single wearing, so wearing a stirrup tight with a short sock saves your tights & your $$$.

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