Etsy Shop of the Week: Harlequin Felt Works

A few weeks ago, I came across a beautiful felt scarf that when wrapped around your neck looked like a blooming rose. Unfortunately, it was in a store that only shipped to the U.K. and it cost £180. (If you want to read about all the lovely things in Britain we Americans cannot buy, I suggest you read Catwalkqueen for they are both fabulous and British.) I lamented this incident to becca who happened to have found a similar (if not the same) designer on Etsy. Harlequin Felt Works makes nothing but felted rose scarves. They're still pricey at $200, but that's far cheaper than £180. You can choose a very rosey look or a more nontraditional mash of colors.


Rachel said…
Wow, those are beautiful and very unique! It's a good balance between art fashion and practicality.
Anh said…
Some lovely budding flowers among this cold weather.

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