DIY Feathered Headbands

I was sick of not wearing feathers in my hair. I'm a feather nut and I feel plucked at a time when I wouldn't get such crazy looks for wearing something I love anyway. While I'm very creative, my masterpiece projects look like preschool craft time in reality. With that in mind, I came up with a very simple solution for making feathered headbands. You'll need:

-- A non-slip headband. I bought wide elastic ones that match my hair. They were two for $2.99.
-- Feathers. You can buy packs of them for under $2 at any craft store. I had some left over from making masks in high school.
-- Embellishments. I chose a shower puff ($.50 at the grocer) but buttons or old jewelry would be another good choice.
-- Hot glue or needle and thread depending on the type of headband you picked.

becca is a supermodel.

For the one on the left, I spread the loofah across to give the impression of a veil. The veil with the black feathers made me think of film noir femme fatals. In light of that, I'd like to style it with a great pencil skirt and bold jacket. When I wore the black one out, no one commented but conversations were directed to my scalp.

Most people like the peacock and rose band on the right. I cut a small strip of mesh and wove the ends of the feathers through it. Then I folded the strip and sewed it to the band. The rosettes were easy enough to make. It's one long strip of loofah. I gathered the ends and used the solid middle part to sew it to the band and cover the ends of the feathers. It has a quirky feel and demands to be accessorized with vintage chains.

I ended up making these two headbands for less than $2.50 a piece. Did I do good or do they look ridiculous?


Kasmira said…
I love the idea of using a shower pouf, but I think a darker shade (plum, forest green, or black) would blend better with your hair. Of course, it's hard to tell true colors on a monitor!
Jael Paris said…
I hadn't thought about that. The blondish color was the only non-neon puff available. I'll certainly try a dark color next time.
Anonymous said…
I think those actually turned out really well. They look like expensive Etsy creations from your photos. I personally prefer the peacock one.
Rachel said…
Wow, these pictures turned out great! becca is so pretty :)

I would like to see them in a dark color too. Regardless, they look great- you did a really nice job creating them!
Anonymous said…
Does this mean I should scrap my idea of making you guys feather hair accessories for Christmas?
Jael Paris said…
No! I always need more feathers!
Anonymous said…
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hair clips said…
You're doing great. It turned out so cute! Becca looks more beautiful with those headbands. I love the peacock one!

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