Buying Into Long Gloves

For two years, designers have been pushing elbow length or longer gloves. Since so many sleeves have been cropped or billowy, this makes sense. From here, things get a little dicey. Long knit gloves aren't that warm, and you can't really shove your whole arm in your pockets. Leather gloves are plenty warm, but all that glove leather drives up the price.
Top: brown suede, Robert Rodriguiz, Bloomingdale's $165
black ruched leather, Simply Vera by Vera Wang, Kohl's $45 (Best buy)
grey wool flip top mittens, Anthropologie $38 (These are great for photography students)
white wool button gloves, Rag & Bone, eLuxury $125
Bottom: wine cashmere gloves, Portolano, Bluefly $48
black balloon sleeve gloves with buttons, Portolano, Bloomingdale's $270 (Want!)
dove grey button, Tara Jarmon, eDressMe $136
pink leather ruched gloves, Coach $298
black studded leather, Lauren Urstadt, Intermix $145


becca said…
Those Portolano gloves! I want them! Want!

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