Buying Into Feather Clothes

Feather Week presses on! Feather clothes are instant drama. They throw back nicely to Victorian or flapper looks. Feathers are great for a bit of fun in the office or for being coquettish on a date.

Your cheapest option is a feather print, but some feather trim options are feasible in a budget. (If these prices make you hesitant, feathers are a great diy project. Just make sure the feathers you buy are colorfast.) Remember that more feathers means more time spent making the garment and therefore a higher price.
Top: white feather sleeve tee, Pencey, Shopbop $165
black feather top, Couture Candy $270
emerald green one shoulder dress, Forever 21 $22.80
black one sleeve party dress, eDressMe $280
Bottom: black beaded capelet, Lestat Couture on Etsy $180
white jersey dress with pheasant trim, Serralulu on Etsy $100
black tank dress, Ali Ro, Zappos $205
Top: abstract feather print blouse, JC Penney $19.99
feather print tee mini dress, Bona Drag $40
yellow feather trim tank, Ronny Kobo, Shopbop $21
feather print trimmed tee shirt mini dress, JMM, Shopbop $172
Bottom: black and white feather print dress, Castle Starr, Bluefly $219.99
feather print empire waist mini dress, Tricia Fix, Label Spree $158
coral feather tee, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Net-a-Porter $88


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