Wrapping Up Paris Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton did not fail to offer up its Parisian richness with a deep color palette, cinched waists, flirty skirts, strong jackets and bold accessories. LV's accessories are probably their biggest sellers, especially that monogrammed bag. Some of spring's bags toned down the monograms a bit, but like the audacious jewelry and obi belts, not much else was toned down.

Elie Saab, a staple among starlets, offered up some pretty, pastel evening looks, but as a whole, the collection was underwhelming.

Eccentric and whimsical, the Wunderkind collection for spring has a ragamuffin charm with colorful, fun, boldly printed pieces that would be fun the mix into any wardrobe.

Chanel's signature tweeds and bows didn't not fail to mingle into some lovely spring wear full of classic girlishness. Chanel also offered up what's sure to be a popular bag and cute booties in the loose check print that marked much of the collection as did the strands of jewelry placed on the hip.

Limi Feu's spring show focused on a black and white with a few hints of color throughout. The quirky collection of boyish, loose, simple shapes offered up a lot of wearable and playful pieces. The spring line was topped off with some crazy cage skirts, which I found quite fun.

Miu Miu gave us pretty, feminine pieces for spring. There was also no shortage of desirable shoes and bags.

Chloe took a simplified look at young, easy, girly dressing. Nearly every waist was cinched with a bow. The colors were light, as was the feeling the collection. The simple, pretty clothing is a good first effort from the new head designer, Hannah MacGibbon.

Image source style.com.


Jael Paris said…
Note to self, play with hip jewelry this week.
Unknown said…
i really like the styles of those dresses be Miu Miu.

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