Winter Accessories: The Slouchy Beanie

Last year I purchased a slouchy beanie from Kohl's Simply Vera Vera Wang Line. In many ways it's similar to a beret, and I've seem them classified as berets. But it's a little more loose and has less shape. I just love these hats. This year Kohl's has a gray one, and I want it very much.

For me this is the perfect winter hat. It's cute. It's loose enough not to mess up my curls yet not so loose that it falls off. It can be pulled down over your ears if you don't want to sport ear muffs. It's pretty much shapeless so it doesn't get hurt when I stuff it in my pocket. Did I mention that it doesn't mess up my hair. This is the first hat I've ever had that doesn't leave the top of my hair frizzy and flat.

What's your perfect winter hat?

Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl's Slinky Oversized Slouch Hat $15 on sale


Jael Paris said…
I want to play up my straight bob with more hats this winter. I usually wear my wool beret, but my husband's bowler looks sweet on me too.
Rachel said…
I saw a girl wearing one of these the other day and thought it was so cute and unique, then I started walking around the mall and started seeing them in all the shop windows... I guess it wasn't so unique after all :P I do like them though!

I'm a sucker for those hats with the ear flaps... even if they do look goofy.
becca said…
Rachel, you can make the hat with the ear flaps work. It'd be cute on you.

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