Save or Splurge: Knee Socks

Yesterday, Jael Paris wrote about fun knee socks. Being a girl who loves skirts I'm surprised I don't have more knee socks. They're fun, cute, warm, and they can be worn under pants for extra warmth in the super chilly months. My lack of knee socks must be remedied. Now I just have to figure out how much I'd spend.

Socks, overall, are a save for me. I have big feet and often buy "extended size" socks, which I usually find only at Kmart and Kohls. Luckily, both of those stores have great prices. Even super cheap socks usually take a long time wear out. Plus, I usually lose a mate before I actually wear out an entire pair. I'm so prone to losing mates that I almost never buy just one pair of socks. I usually buy two of the same pair and end of with 3 socks.

I think even fun, colorful or patterned knee socks can be obtained at good prices. The apt. 9® Argyle Knee-High Trouser Socks from Kohl's (pictured above) are currently on sale for $5.40. That price includes the cute argyle pair (I heart Argyle) and the plain black pair. Not bad.

I do, however, find that splurges are in order for a few types of knee sock purchases. Sock Dreams sells Angora Cable Knee Highs that are made of Modal, Angora, Wool, Nylon and Spandex for $15. This is more than I would normally pay, but the blend of fabrics will offer such warmth (Angora & Wool) and comfort (Modal!) that I think I would splurge on a pair to keep me cozy all winter.

Also, a super cute style often surpasses the reasoning of save vs. splurge. Yesterday, reader Kylsie commented on these Band Leader Knee Socks from Anthropologie (pictured left) and I've found myself thinking that $18 is a totally reasonable price for something so adorable.

So what kinds of knee socks would you save or splurge on?


Jael Paris said…
Last winter, I learned modal or angora socks are worth every penny.
Anonymous said…
Never fear about the knee socks not being long enough for your feet. I've bought knee socks at Target, and several other random places, and I've never had to worry abou them being too small in the feet.

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