Paris Fashion Week Favorites So Far

I was sitting at my in-laws' on Sunday, fiddling on the internet and waiting for word that my nephew had been born when I happened upon a story on Yahoo! complaining about the outlandish looks at John Galliano. I couldn't really see the clothes in the pictures because they were too focused on the tall wigs, oversized hats and bold makeup. Heaven forbid we add a bit of theater and fun to fashion. The delicious irony of this is that Galliano's Spring Summer 2009 show was full of romantic wearable pieces.I wish I could buy Rue du Mail. There are certain designers who are lovably outlandish, but I could never pull off their clothes in day to day life without being stopped and interrogated or laughed at by my fellow Hoosiers. Rue du Mail's Spring Summer 2009 collection is a restrained sort of strange that would make people stare, but I wouldn't have to listen to their moronic insights on how I should try to blend in more.

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Unknown said…
*wipes a tear from my eye*
I would expect nothing less of the fabulous Galliano.
I Heart Him!

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