Paris Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Corsets, gauntlets, belts, buckles, twisted office wear, and patent. Chiffon wrapped randomly about the neck. Karl Lagerfeld has been in my head. (Must be where he gets his hilarious bon mots.) The accessories certainly funk up what would otherwise be a simple top and skirt. What is crawling up the models' arms and can I have it? Pants aren't constructed for the majority of women, so I like the bagginess and faux skirt of the pants in this collection. Now, if I could just see them on a woman with actual hips.At Yves Saint Laurent, I'm lusting after the full jackets, shift dresses, winged eyeliner, and mesh boots. The belly shirts? Not so much. Amy Winehouse clearly still has a grip on the imaginations of designers. Sheer skirts over boy shorts lives on here. I'm still out on that trend, but starlets wearing big underpants instead of drawerless mini-skirts would be a nice change.Loewe is yet another house I never paid attention to until this season. The shoes and bags were divine (Why no detail shots, The soft leather trenches applause worthy. The collection made me think of an Italian business woman who frequently jets to New York for work and vacations on a yatcht in Monaco. I could certainly do worse than aspire to be that woman.
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