Paris Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Even though most of us will never own or even touch real Balenciaga, the house is one of the biggest trend influencers in fashion. The ensembles were monochromatic, which placed the emphasis on the play of fabric textures. Much like the theme at Versace, abstract hearts framed the models' chests. The collection itself didn't impress me, but I don't mind the trends it will bring about.Comme des Garcons has never been mainstream, and Rei Kawakubo goes against the flow again by using black as the only color for her Spring Summer 2009 collection. Like Balenciaga, this was an exploration in texture. I'm a texture fiend, and I'll have to make the trek to Barney's next spring to see how all the lace, octogons and feathers translates in stores.Ankle wrap shoes, bound hair and a slew of leotards emphisized Jean Paul Gaultier's dance influence. I'm not sure if the bodysuits are too be worn with bottoms, as a bathing suit, or if Gaultier envisions giving the Fuggers a corany with a flock of pantsless, partying starlets. As more models came out, the show took a turn back to Blonde Ambition with a sexually provocative take on workwear. Without any warning, the next wave of models were flappers in Art Nouveau inspired prints. Then came the neon nighties. Consistent? No. Pretty? Yes.

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