Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

Perhaps it's because the midwest lacks a fashion flock, but I believe going as Lil' Edie from Grey Gardens won't put you in the cliche category. Wrap something around your head, a scarf or a sweater, and secure it with glittering brooches. Put on some fishnet pantyhose, dance shoes and your bathing suit. Pull on a sweater and your grandmother's old fur coat. Wear lots of red lipstick and color in your eyebrows. Now flirt with every man you see and tell them about the potential you used to have and how your mother is holding your back. If you happen to run into someone who hasn't seen the classic documentary, tell them you are Jackie Kennedy's crazy cat lady cousin.

Speaking of Jackie O., I think I'm going to be her for Halloween. The expense of this look will depend on how posh you want to be. Vintage lover that I am, I already have most of the attire. For your base, you need a simple shift dress or a prim tweed suit and the iconic pearl choker. Tease your hair so it's nice and big, if your hair is too long for this costume, just pin it underneath. Warm up with a 1960s swing coat (fur trimmed if you can) and long gloves. Top it all of with a pillbox hat, clutch, media blocking shades, and gallons of charm.


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