Good Eye

Good Eye is the perfect name for this vintage shop on Etsy. They have a wide selection of dresses, suits, jackets, tops, shoes, bags and accessories from a variety of decades. I'm shocked to say that their 80s collection is my favorite as the pieces have a funky edge but don't scream, "I got this from my mother's closet!" Nor do they smack of ironic hipster (a look which doesn't work in the Midwest). Prices swing from $40-$150 depending on the age and detail of the item.
Clockwise: 1980s batwing beaded sweater $41
1980s bohemian Thai tunic $25
1980s metal fish purse $45
1990s Fendi suit $135 (unfortunately not my size)


becca said…
Why are you showing me a Fendi suit in my size that I can't afford?
Jael Paris said…
So I can live through you. Show it to your parents as a Christmas idea. You'll need a suit for jobs interviews anyway.

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