Etsy Shop of the Week: EterKnity

Colder weather means warmer clothing and warmer accessories. I love winter accessories. They are so cozy. This week's Etsy shop has a wealth of cozy and stylish accessories and clothing. EterKnity, the "Home of Heavenly Knitwear," sells handmade knitwear that leaves behind the idea of bulky sweaters and chunky knits. This knitwear manages to be both sleek and cozy looking. I found EterKnity through our Facebook page. (See what happens when you stop by to say "hi.")

My favorite piece in their store are these arm warmers. They are wonderfully long, made of merino wool, and come in red, black, grey and white. I love them. Their knit tops and sweater dresses are nothing like those boxy sweaters your Aunt Agnus gives you at Christmas time. They have sleek knit halter tops and fitted sweater dresses. They even have basic knit skirts, which are quite cute.

Best of all, EterKnity's clothing is simple and classic. Most of these fine knit pieces will work in your wardrobe for years to come regardless of the shifting trends.

You can also read more about EterKnity by visiting their blog and website.

Scarf/Wrap $65


Jael Paris said…
I'd like those arm warmers for Christmas. I could save so much money on sweaters by buying that one item.
Lenae (TMY) said…
Thatz a cool sweater..hi im diana a soon to be fashion photographer...=)
Gingham Skies said…
I have a pair of Eterknity's arm warmers and let me tell you they are the BEST! Beautiful, comfortable and oh so cozy. :) I want a pair in every colour.
Unknown said…
visit handmade

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